We've got creative solutions on the brain.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

My name is Kim Campbell and my partner in crime is Francisco Salgado.

20+ Years In and Going Strong

The first time we met we were working side by side in a Figure Sculpture class at the University of Oregon. Francisco flirted—I flirted right back. He helped me cast a sculpture in plaster and the rest is shall we say—is history. Married for 21 years with two incredible children, a feisty cat and a whole lot of good times and challenging times.

Artists + Entrepreneurs

Graduating with Arts degrees we didn't exactly have occupations to walk right into or particular ladders to climb. So we assessed our marketable skills and decided to open up Campbell Salgado Studio - a boutique portrait photo studio and craft fine art on the side in both photography and sculpture. Over the years Francisco has imagined and created a number of large-scale sculptures that live and travel around the Pacific Northwest. While I continue to craft wonder-based, fine art photography shows to share with the world.

Hackers or Solution-Focused Thinkers?

We really like the way hacker sounds - a little geek 'chic' to make us feel vibrantly young—like we're skating on the edge of life. But in all actuality we are just seeking solutions to simple and complex problems in our own lives.

What Makes a Good Hack?

Our litmus test is to share quick fixes with friends as solutions to their problems or as conversation starters. If a few people have not heard of an idea or technique and seem genuinely interested in it, we file it away as possible LifeHack INC material.

Apple Afficianados

We are unapologetically speaking to an Apple audience on this site. With the purchase of our first Macintosh IIsi computer in 1990 we were hooked...even before it was cool to own a Apple.  Well I take that back, it has always been cool to own an Apple.  It's just that in the early 90's you were either an artist or an outlier.  However, when possible we do research whether Mac hacks are available on the Android platform too.

Making Money While You Sleep - Is it Possible?

So behind all this advice we're sharing is an ember burning. Spinning content into commerce and turning associate programs into jingle for our nest egg. The commissions we make - when you shop based on our recommendations (through our links) - help us fund our time off to create interesting programming for our fellow life revelers. You may see us driving links to Amazon and other companies we believe in. As Amazon Associates we'll make a 4% commission on your purchase that day whether you buy our recommended item or some other wonderful thing. That is hacking fantastic! Just know that we never list a product we don't use ourselves. 

Our Assets & Deficits

Francisco's +

  • phenomenal storyteller
  • installs electricity
  • can talk to anyone
  • welds metal lickety-split
  • loves to tackle projects 
  • funny guy
  • habla español

Francisco's -

  • cannot swim

Kim's +

  • can build a website in a day
  • makes a mean flower arrangement
  • loves the power of networking
  • knows ALWAYS to wear sunscreen
  • Basks in silence
  • P A T I E N C E

Kim's -

  • uncomfortable speaking in front of crowds
  • can't remember a single joke but wants to