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Be a part of a comfort movement.

We are looking for women who dare to be a force for positive change – for all – by modeling, writing or cheering us on.

We need real women to model and write for our BRAND.


Yes, I want to be a part of a disruptive fashion brand for women. I believe that we are more than the physical package we are born in. I value quality, sustainable goods that support women to be their best possible selves and I’d like to be a part of this movement and I have something to say.

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City, State, Country
We are looking for original short essays about the following topics and want to hear your ideas. Sample topics: Female friendship, self-care, confidence, equity, feminism, body-positivity, activism, better sleep, education. (What would you like to write about? Send a link to sample writing.)
What are you doing when you feel you are your truest self?
Looking for women ages 18 - 100 years old to model in the Portland metro area. (Oregon, USA). (Photo shoots may be set up in other locations in the future.)
All ages between 18 - 100+ years, please apply.
We are looking for a variety of body styles and sizes to showcase our underclothes.
Looking for a variety of unique women.
No experience necessary just helpful to know if you have
Also, how long ago?
We are looking for a wide variety of body shapes.
We are looking for women who would proudly wear our under clothes in front of the camera to create visuals that promote body acceptance and inclusivity.
Is their anything about your background and/or your unique body that you feel is underrepresented in the fashion industry?
You may be a writer, model and/or influencer. If you are interested in sharing about our brand please list the links to your public social accounts. We'll be offering free merchandise to try for your honest opinion.
Do use video, still photography, writing or a combo of these to get your thoughts across to your fans? Describe your core fan group.