Indispensable Kitchen Gadgets

Issue: kitchen gadgets you must have and didn't know you needed

I love to eat and I love to cook.  When I think of the things that I couldn't live without these gadgets come to mind.

Whipped Cream Maker

Nothing makes our brunches more special than breaking out our pro whipped cream maker.  We flavor our whipped cream with vanilla and agave, chocolate or cinnamon.  


Pineapple Slicer

We all know what a pain it is to peel and slice pineapple. One day Francisco discovered this amazing invention and we were finally able to enjoy preparing pineapple.


Egg Slicer

The quickest way I know to slice eggs, strawberries and more.


Instant Thermometer

I never realized how much I needed one of these until I bought this for Barbecuing. Now it takes out the guesswork when I'm cooking any kind of meat.


Citrus Squeezer

The hand-held citrus squeezer gets used several times a week. Buy the one that fits an orange and you can squeeze your limes and lemons in it too.


Silicone Basting Brush

The ease of cleaning makes this brush so desirable. 


Silicon Oven Mitts

Take hot food and pans out of the oven with easy. Great for those squeamish about sticking their hands in the oven.


Oil Spray Pump

This brilliant contraption turns your olive oil into a non-aerosol spray.


Strawberry/Tomato Corer

This makes the task of pulling the hulls from strawberries and tomatoes a piece of cake.


Microplane Zester

This little baby is wonderfully sharp and zesty.  I always keep the cover on so I don't thrash my fingers in my utensil drawer.  Supremely zests citrus and cheese any old time.


corn stripper

Quick and easy tool to separate the corn from the cob.