Review - Snacking Reinvented?

Help: for afternoon slump and cravings

Graze snacks are absolutely tasty and unquestionably convenient. In this video I show how fun and easy it is to get a box from Graze. I started with an every other week subscription but after the first box I was hooked and moved myself up to an every week, super-special delivery for me. There has not been a single snack that I've not devoured. I particularly like the way they mix sweet, salty and savory snacks in each box.

Want to give it a try? They are so awesome that they'll give you not only your first but your fifth box FREE if you use this promo code: KIMC9K9WB. What I love is that you get a surprise mix of delicious snacks every time.  I took the time to eliminate anything with Wasabi in it by doing a quick search for that ingredient and telling to kindly not ever send it. Now as I get snacks in the mail I can rate them and get the best mixes possible for my taste buds.  The four o'clock hour hasn't been this sweet in years.