Buy Bulk Movie Tickets - Here's How


LifeHack INC how to buy - bulk tickets and popcorn.

Being huge movie buffs we really love to see cinema on the large screen.  As often as we'd like to go, especially in the evenings we find it can be cost prohibitive.  So we discovered buying movie tickets in bulk.  Buy purchasing 50 tickets at a time we can bring our ticket price down to $7 each at Regal Cinemas, United Artists, Edwards' Theaters.  In fact here's their order form.  

50 tickets for $350 may seem like a big investment...and it is but if you have another family or two to go in on a bulk pack with it makes it even more reasonable.  Considering that buying 50 tickets at regular adult rates of $11 a ticket that same 50 tickets over time costs you $550.

$8 at Cinemark, Century Theaters, Ciné Arts for 50 tickets + shipping.

AMC offers 50 bulk tickets for $8 a piece. Costco sells 10 packs for a number of theater chains on their site starting at $79.99.  This could be a great gift for a graduating Senior, teenager, young adult or just married couple.

A couple years ago my good friend and I started buying our movie tickets in bulk because we like to go weekly to the theater.  It's sort of our version of a book club without reading a book.