Where's My Gas Tank?

Conundrum: which side of the car is my gas tank on?

Dashboard design emblem (gas door indicator) shows which side of the car your gas tank is on - LifeHack INC.

Now we know many of you have this dialed in. But for the car renters and infrequent drivers - like moi - there is this moment when pulling into the pump that literally makes my mind go blank. I'm thinking "what side of the car is the gas tank on?"  9 out of 10 times I have to pop the gas tank door to unlock the mystery.

Francisco recently pointed out to me that in many cars there is a little arrow next to the gas tank icon on the dash. Seriously? How could I look at that dashboard for so many miles and never have seen it. Now with a glance I can quickly determine which side of the pump to pull up on.

Next time you're in your car check and see if you have this little design luxury as well.