Free European Walking Tours by Rick Steves

Obstacle: inexpensive alternatives to guided tours

LifeHack INC writers, Francisco Salgado and Kim Campbell at the Coliseum in Rome, Italy.

Yup—this is us—95° degrees in Rome. Exploring the Coliseum.

When we traveled in Italy last year there were lots of historical sites and museums to visit. Personally, we love to take tours but the price tag can be pretty high if there is a lot you want to see and you're traveling with your family. With any kind of travel you just need to choose how you want to allocate your travel dollars, pesos or euros.

Before we left the states we discovered Rick Steve's collection of walking tours and loaded the Italian tours for the Coliseum in Rome, and the Uffizi in Florence onto our iPods and iPhones. There is even an app you can load to your tablet or smart phone that makes it super easy.

When we'd hit a spot we wanted to tour, we'd see if Rick Steves had a matching walking tour then pop on our headphones. You sync yourself up to the starting point—Rick will tell you where this is—press play and start walking. Our son scoffed initially until I handed him my headphones at the Coliseum and I never got them back.