Voice Mail Transcription - Hallelujah

issue: how to ignore your phone but still get the message


I've been waiting for this day to come and it's finally here. HulloMail™ offers transcription service for voice mails. 

Do you ever miss calls and want to know what the message is but are not in a situation you can listen to it? This happens to me frequently when I'm in photo shoots or driving. I have my HulloMail™ business subscription to give me home screen notifications. So if I miss a call and someone leaves a message—a quick glance at my phone—and I know the gist of the message. I pay for this service to get the first 30 seconds of a message but they also have 10 second 'Get the Gist' versions too. Perfect for those of you who may be voicemail phobic.

HulloMail™ did not sponsor or pay for this little wacky video. We just think it's LifeHack INC worthy. Wonder how we got this super sweet voice mail transcription? Watch this one minute, Day of the Dead fueled, date-night video of Francisco and I.