Stretch - A Great Reminder App


We spend hours and hours sitting in front of our computers.  Do you?  Reading more and more that sitting is BAD, BAD, BAD for your health we decided to fight against the problem.  Looking for a simple reminder timer that would ding to remind us to get out of our chairs we came across a little app called 'Stretch' by Squidmelon.  

For $2.99 mac users can get this app on their computers and be reminded every 45 minutes to do 1-5 stretches.  You can choose the amount of time between reminders and the number of stretches.  A very international and alluring young woman then comes on to demonstrate the stretches.  She reminds us of an anime character brought to life. Her stretches typically last about 10-15 seconds and are random each break. 

I can change the number of stretches and the time between.  It's a smart timer and resets if you leave your computer.  When it senses you are back to clicking and typing the timer begins afresh. Watch this little demonstration to see what it looks like.