Ooh la la IPSY...

problem: choosing makeup, buying and trying it and then hating it

You probably know by now that I love to get stuff in the mail. Subscriptions and gifts in the mail ROCK! When it comes in gift form (think pretty envelope or box) all the better. I decided to give IPSY's beauty product subscription a try and I have not been disappointed. Each month I received a magenta envelope filled with goodies. When I signed up I was able to specify my skin tone, hair color and eye color. I've used it for three months and every product I've received has been spot on for my color palette. Watch this video for a peek inside the surprise bags I received over 3 months.

Want to give it a try? Just head on over to IPSY and start a subscription. Only $10 per month, shipping included. You can cancel anytime. You can choose how much you want to interact via reviews and sharing their service online. Do nothing and bags will still arrive monthly for you to enjoy. Review the items and they will start to shape the kind of brands and types of products you receive. I'd like to imagine that the makeup producers get the results of the reviews and use feedback to shape the success of their products.

Love subscriptions like me? Check out the aptly titled Subscription Adiction site to explore all kinds of monthly subscriptions where you get to peek into the boxes and see if they are the right fit for you.