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Night Muse - High Rise
Morgyne LeCount
Lovely fabric, stay in place fit!

I really like the feel of the fabric, the pretty floral front panel, and the stay in place fit. It's also wonderful to support local designers.


Wow! Just received my first pairs of Dare Heart “soft and steadfast” undies, and am seriously impressed. Reading the reviews, part of me was like “Seriously, ladies—all this joy and hype for…underwear?” Turns out, YEP—they really ARE the real deal. So comfy, and that cute little stitching detail in the back is the best! LOVE!

Favorite pair of underwear!

I love this cut. They don’t ride up and the pattern on this pair is fantastic.

Love these!

These are, hands down, my very favorite underwear!!!


They are soft and wonderful! I love how they feel on my skin and the colors are dreamy ❤️

Vitamin Me - Mid Rise
Amber DeFrang
The best

Seriously, these underwear are insanely comfortable!! Don’t ride up, fit perfectly, look cute, and are so comfy soft. I’m just sad I only bought one pair my first time!

Love these undies!

The fit was just as described - snug but not tight. The undies are cute, very comfy, and not to toot my own horn, but HOTTTTTT!

What You Didn’t Know You Needed

We all have the undies from big box stores and we may have undies from boutiques with lovely silk and lace. But what we don’t have are undies that fit so perfectly and bring you joy. Seriously. These undies do not ride up, but they are not tight or constricting. You don’t even notice them until you look down and see the beautiful colors in the soft fabric. That is the joy part. Flowers. Patterns and ORANGE. Who knew I would be so happy in orange undies?!

Kim has created something very special. ❤️

Laundry basket case

I love these so much, I’m a total laundry basket case each time they’re dirty and I can’t wear them. My body is fuller around the mid section and I love the high rise, as it doesn’t creep below the middle-aged spread. Love. Will definitely buy again so I don’t have to do laundry all the time!! I’m a size 16-18 and the 1L worked fantastically.

Super soft

Super cottony soft, stretchy, comfy and so cute!

My new go to jammie bottoms!

I love everything about these. The style. The fit. The feel. I needed the perfect new sleep bottoms that would keep me covered but allow my body to breathe. I pair it with a cotton tank and slept like a baby!

Even the hubby liked them on me :)

Love love love being an “out”sider

A friend sent me these as a gift and to say I love them is an understatement. They are so comfy…and dare i say, adorable! I love the way they hug/cover my bum. The cotton is so soft. Like the pictures, I love to lounge in them on the weekends. If this is outside the lines, I don’t want to be in the lines. Seriously, don’t hesitate, you will love them. I already got a second pair because I love these so much.

Quality, comfort and style!

The craftsmanship and design alone made this an easy purchase. Once I had a chance to wear my dare heart underwear, I'm a forever customer. These are the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn!

These undies are wonderful!

Could not wait to try these and the wait was worth it! I feel supported but comfortable and this underwear has not made its way into my bum. I feel like a sophisticated & empowered woman!

The most comfortable underwear ever!

This underwear is so comfortable, and also super cute, love the color. The fabric is soft, and hugs your body right.

Do yourself a favor and get a pair!

Cute AND Comfortable!

Can I just be the first to say that this underwear exceeded my expectations! The 90% cotton is so comfortable, as are the super comfortable waist and leg bands...there is no tightness anywhere and no riding up. I love the styling with the fun pattern that gives them a sexy-ness all their own. Definitely a five star pair of underwear!!!

Our Covid Mantra
Suzanne W.
This tee was worth waiting for!

I love this shirt! I love the stylish scooped neckline. I love the fabric that comes out of the wash perfectly soft and wrinkle free. And, most important, I love the message that reminds me to stay positive and take care of myself. 2020 has been awful, but it will finally pass, and I’ll still have one great tee shirt.

The Soshell
Suzanne W.
These are my favorite masks!

At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, I made masks for myself and some others. I had to twist my husband’s arm at first to get him to wear them. Within a few weeks, he began to enjoy shopping for masks (he’s the shopper in the family) and soon we had quite an array of masks with ear loops. Some were more attractive, more comfortable, or more effective than others.

We’re lucky enough to live in an area with lots of walking paths; we can go for a long way without seeing another walker, but when I would meet someone, I’d have to fumble with the ear loops to put the mask in place, and I found that awkward and a bit of a pain. So when I saw the ad for the Dare Heart masks, it totally made sense to me. I ordered two, and I love them. Why?

One, it doesn’t fog up my glasses. My exhale goes down, not up.

Two, it serves as a scarf until I need a mask; then it’s super easy and quick to pull it up to cover my nose and mouth and just as easy to slip back down when I’m once again alone on the path.

Three, even though the main structure is made of a very comfortable knit fabric, the woven lining is very effective at screening moisture and droplets.

Four, it’s custom made to fit me specifically.

I love these masks. I give them an A+++!

Great tee!

I received my Feline Feminist short sleeve tee and I love it! Fabric is very silky and lightweight.Fit is just right! What else can you ask from a tee?

We've Got This
Candace D
Hip and deliciously soft — with a great graphic

I keep putting this on because it's comfy AND flattering! So happy to support your wonderful business and to sport a sweatshirt with a message of love during this crazy, crazy time. I ordered a size up for a "boyfriend" look and am so glad I did. The shirt covers flaws and looks great with fitted and loose pants. Hope you make more colors and designs with the same fabric!

The Soshell
Sarah Kerley

Can't say enough great things about my masks and t-shirts! Love the colors and patterns and the fit is spot on. It is so wonderful to find a local and woman run company making such high quality and attractive products. It makes having to wear a mask so much more enjoyable!

The Soshell
Therese G.
100% the best!

I wear glasses full time, and was very tired of having steamed lenses because of COVID masks.

The Dare Heart Soshell does not steam glasses, does not get sucked into your mouth when speaking, does not hurt ears. It looks nice around the neck as a scarf when not being used as a mask.

My team went on the road for a 3-week photo shoot, and we all ordered a stack of the Soshells. It was hot out there, but these were comfortable and protected us the entire trip. We are so thankful.

The Soshell
Amy C
Ready for fall

Love this mask solution that completes a fall hiking outfit. Wore mine for the first time on a brisk walk today. OMG how nice was it to just pull it up over my face when I came across other hikers!

The Soshell
Patricia B.
Best solution yet

This is the most convenient and comfortable solution yet. I put it on in the morning and just have it around my neck all day. I'd suggest ordering a little tighter than the measurement, mine have stretched out a bit. I am ordering more today!

We've Got This
So soft and beautiful

You bought the shirt for the artwork and are happy when you unwrap it. Then you feel the softness when putting it to your cheek, it feels like a hug. As a 5’9” male with wide shoulders and chest, it fits perfectly (I ordered a size M Unisex). You dream of cold weather so you can wear a hoodie with this design on the back. Thank you Dare Heart!