The Tableau Project

Hello Dare Heart,

The artist in me wanted to do something unique to showcase really rad women (that's you!) to celebrate the release of my line of deluxified cotton undies.

I've called it The Tableau Project and I've tied it with a juicy set of writing prompts that allow you to share how you bravely navigate through your life. Which is then paired with a photo prompt of a collection of objects that have meaning for you.

This is not a quick survey but a thoughtful piece that should provide value not only to you but to others in equal measure. I recommend reading through before starting so you have some time and space to think on it. Click to get all the details below.

To thank all those who submit I will be doing a drawing for a complimentary pair of undies every time I receive 10 submissions. (1 in 10 chance, yo!)

Be well and thank you for this small intrusion of your time. Your participation is a real gift to me. 


Kim Campbell