Different uses call for different fits

If you are on the larger side of a range the fit will be snugger which we love for under pants and jeans. If you are on the smaller side of a range you will have a softer more cozy fit which we love for lounging and sleeping.

Size Guide for Your Best Fit

Grab a measuring tape and take two measurements. No tape? No problem. Find something non-stretchy like a cord, string or belt and mark the measurement then measure with a ruler. For our low and mid rise styles the LOW HIPS measurement is most important.

[in inches] XS S L 1L 2L


at or just above navel

24-26 27-29 30-33 34-37 38-43 44-48


widest part over bum

34-36 37-38 39-42 43-46 47-50 50-54