Dare Heart

The Origins

Kim Campbell, the founder and designer behind the Dare Heart brand.

After decades as a professional portrait photographer, Kim has witnessed how the expectations society places on women — prescribing how they should look — affects their self-esteem and confidence. Her powerful antidote is to create a clothing brand that embraces women in their current beautiful bodies. 

Kim hopes that Dare Heart's uplifting product line inspires individuals to be courageous in big and small ways. Kim firmly believes in the collective power of womxn (assigned or self-identified) to turn ripples into waves.

We're All Adapting

Our Pandemic Pivot

Kim ordered a bolt of 100% cotton woven fabric sprinkled with hearts on it in early March. Her instincts told her that something big was happening and she wanted to help people face it.

After making and wearing masks, she tried her hand at redesigning a now necessary garment so that it would have a greater chance of adoption. With 'The Soshell' she was able to construct a soft garment with a private pocket of air to breath that took the face mask off your mouth, kept glasses from fogging up and more importantly could be worn conveniently around your neck, ever ready. 

Coming soom

Comfort & Beauty

Soft and steadfast cotton

Rather than squeezing you into a shape never meant in nature, we chose to embrace the differences that make women real, powerful, and uniquely wonderful with a line of soft, cotton, comfort underwear to better fit your body, values, and lifestyle.

These are the undies real woman have hoped for with the most comfortable fit, gorgeous prints, and sophisticated color ways.

Designed with natural fibers, our underwear are something to adore. Step into them, day or night, for the ultimate in comfort.

A peek at the things we are thinking about

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