caring for the earth together

Cotton is naturally sustainable, as it's a renewable resource.

By choosing garments that are meant to last with quality workmanship, you are participating in the slow fashion movement and the benefits that come with it. Including the human ones, like fairer pay and better working conditions. We've been on site and worked closely with our California factory to know that they look out for their employees. 

Sustainable (slow) fashion values longer-lasting clothes with a higher quality, meaning that while they are more expensive initially, they will last you for years.

Even when they come to the end of their life, because they are made from recyclable material, they can be used again.

We've cut down on our carbon footprint by sourcing the majority of materials, cutting, and production within a 20-mile radius in California and we think that's pretty cool. 

These are many of the conscious choices we've made as a brand. We will only be able to grow if these are your values as well. 

While we’d like to see Dare Heart across the globe, we understand the impact of that dream. Know that all deliveries are carbon neutral. Thanks to Pachama, we’re offsetting our emissions for every order with the Acapa – Bajo Mira y Frontera Forest Conservation Project in Colombia. We also ship in biodegradable paper packaging and recycled poly mailers.