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We are happy to announce our signature product – cotton comfort underwear – is arriving soon.

Rather than squeezing you into a shape never meant in nature, we chose to embrace the differences that make women real, powerful, and uniquely wonderful with a line of soft, cotton, comfort undies to better fit your body, values, and lifestyle. By building a better pair of women's underwear from the ground up we were able to fix the issues that have dogged cotton 'granny panties' for years. We've addressed the following complaints: quality of materials and construction, slippage, stretch, fit, color and design. 

Using natural fibers, our underwear are a real pleasure to step into, day or night. These are the undies real woman have hoped for with the most comfortable fit, gorgeous prints, and sophisticated color ways.

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In the meantime, we've designed and sewn cotton face mask coverings that are more comfortable and convenient to make doing our part easier for all. Plus, a line of t-shirts and sweatshirts with a signature Dare Heart point of view.

Kim Campbell, Dare Heart Founder

Kim Campbell, Founder

A little back story on our Chief Dare Heart Officer.

After five decades of being a daughter, mother, partner, sister, friend, and business founder she has poured her heart into this new fashion venture. Born into an entrepreneurial family and educated in philosophy (BA) and art therapy (MA), she is the third generation to own and operate a business in Oregon. She holds the fundamental belief that we should all be seizing our opportunities to live by our own choices. Starting a new company at 50 was hers.

In 1995 Kim started Campbell Salgado Studio, a well-regarded boutique photo studio in Portland. After decades of crafting bespoke imagery, she has witnessed first hand the challenges and expectations society places on women — prescribing how they should look — and how this affects their self-esteem and confidence. Her powerful antidote is to create a clothing brand that embraces women in their current beautiful bodies.

Making self-care and personal-empowerment her priorities, this native Oregonian loves to create gorgeous outdoor spaces for spending time with family and friends, practice yoga, shape new or up-cycled fabric into clothing, and try new recipes from places where she’s traveled. Active in her community, she volunteers with her local business alliance and mentors future entrepreneurs and artists.

As a fine art photographer, her latest body of work entitled ‘Enrobed’ tells a personal love story between her late mother and herself through her mother’s gifts of hand-made clothing. Dare Heart will resonate with women who value personal authenticity over societal expectations. By offering a product that lifts women up, she hopes Dare Heart inspires individuals to be courageous in big and small ways. 

Kim Campbell firmly believes in the collective power of people to turn ripples into waves.

This is Hazel. She is our daily reminder that sometimes you should just sleep when you want, eat till your full and take what you need without asking for permission.