At Dare Heart we are committed to helping causes that amplify marginalized voices, lend a hand in crisis, educate and create opportunities for inclusion and equity for all.

With the following products we are supporting a number of great causes right now with a $2 donation for each item sold.

For Juneteenth Weekend 2020 - 10% off your order will be going to support Portland's Black Resilience Fund.

Face Masks & Coverings
Goes to benefit Family Meal in Portland, Oregon, supporting food, restaurant and agricultural workers in medical crisis, including Covid-19 grants. 
Love Wins shirts
Is dedicated to the Color of Change campaign to distribute 'The Black Patients' Guide' to newspapers to counter disinformation and mistreatment that is leading to unnecessary death in the black community needing care for COVID-19.
Feline Feminist shirts
Supports Emily's List support the feisty progressive women running for office and ready to flip seats to bring more women to the table.  
Our Covid Mantra
Stays Oregon local to help The Oregon Relief Fund provide direct cash assistance to the immigrants who make Oregon so vibrant and are being overlooked in social assistance efforts during COVID-19.
Visit these organizations for more great ways to support them.