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Each quarter we are distributing 1% of our total sales to wonderful and worthy organizations. 

To be honest, we wouldn't have made it this far without the support of XXcelerate, a Portland non-profit helping Oregon female-identifying entrepreneurs to not only survive but thrive. Dare Heart has been nurtured along with workshops, peer mentorships, accountability partnerships, coaching, and so much more. 

The part that is extremely empowering is being in a room (or Zoom) with these founders and business leaders / mentors. This thoughtful and evolving model fosters how women learn, connect, and dream. Helping businesses across industries, a pool of coaches provide one-on-one support and teach workshops. This intentional model has allowed Oregon-based female founders to support each other in ways that are not usually found in traditional accelerators or co-ed business organizations. 


sometimes one small give

makes a huge difference

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