Life Takes Courage

From the moment we are born to our inevitable expiration, life is guaranteed to offer the highest highs and the lowest lows and a great deal of mediocrity in between.

It’s the moments of extremes that we need to pay particular attention to. When we are tested, our core values and relationships play a huge part in how we will navigate tragedy, pain and grief, as well as, experience joy and accomplishment when it returns.

Let’s build our life survival toolbox with compassion not only for ourselves but others as well. For the moments that challenge us also offer profound lessons about our personal values. Your beliefs are shaped from a lifetime of experiences, what you were taught or told and what you’ve learned along the way. Examine your choices and forgive yourself when you have fallen short, as there will always be a next time to do better. Consider who ‘your people’ are from their actions in crisis and celebration. Nurture them and never take them for granted. If you struggle because your belief systems conflict with those around you, pay attention to people who inspire you and adopt those values to which you aspire. Don’t be constrained by what you should do, allow yourself the freedom to do what feels right to you. When people disappoint you–from their words and actions–we have to be careful not to discard them for there is still a chance they are open to learn and grow. Education, compassion and an openness to listen and change are the means to make the world better for everyone.

As you navigate this tumultuous time in which we are living, trust that you have the tools to make it through. Life is a renewable resource that gives us a fresh start each minute. Our decisions may play out in unanticipated ways but action is what keeps us from stagnancy and complacency. Embrace your personal wisdom and trust that each step forward can carry you forward in a meaningful way or not, the choice is absolutely up to you. 

What life teaches us--in no uncertain terms--is that nothing terrible lasts forever. Opportunity arises in crisis as ingrained patterns become broken and cultural norms are shattered. We now have the potential to reshape society in ways we’d never imagined were possible. Let us rise to the moment and lift up those who need our support.

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